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B&B Security Locksmithing Ltd. was founded in 1974 by Thomas J Benson and Albert Bordreau. They formed the corporation after realizing that there was a growing need for an alternative security service to the companies already in the market. After working some years for the companies which would later become their competition, the partners realized the need for a better qualified locksmithing organization. And thus in 1974 B&B was formed.

The securities has changed drastically in the last 30 years. In 1974, B&B's main customer was the servicing and installation of banking security equipment. Eighty percent (80%) of the business, back then, came from providing this type of service. The other twenty percent (20%) came from the commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Today, however, those figures have changed greatly with the entire market flip flopping from eighty percent (80%) being residential, industrial, and commercial. While, the other twenty percent (20%) being servicing of the our banking customers in the Maritimes. The reasoning behind the turnabout, was that the banks in the Maritimes have been centralized.

Meaning the Atlantic Regional Premise's offices have now been moved to Central Canada and the key person in the head office wanted to deal with the larger security corporations such as Chubb, Tann Canada etc. Through contracts, they service the banking industry across Canada; thus eliminating the contracts with smaller regional businesses.

B&B has learned to adapt in an ever changing market place. We have branched out into alarms, for both residential and commercial. With this form of service being supplied, we have also branched into the monitoring of alarms and security systems at such locations as: Dalhousie University and the Mount Saint Vincent Motherhouse. Furthermore, we handle new and innovative products such as Card-Accessing Systems, which will allow the access to restricted areas via an incoded card. In other words, the customer may monitor who goes where and at what times. Other products include automatic opening door devices for both residential, commercial and industrial usage's and installations of ATM's 5070, 5675, 5685 etc., instant Teller Machines.

B&B's main goal since the inception of the business has been a specialized service based industry. It separates B&B from its competition. In providing these services, all of B&B's sales technicians are not only qualified in the sales aspect of the product but are also, technically qualified to do the service and installation.

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