B&B Security design, install, service and maintains a complete range of quality security systems that will secure any premises.

B&B Security strives to maintain the highest level of customer services. It is the objective of the company to provide accurate, polite, courteous and prompt response to all requests for information. We have a variety of efficient formats for communication - electronic, verbal and written - by which the information can be shared.

Our services include evaluating some of the following areas, but are not limited to,

Perimeter Security

With the diversity of industries, each company needs its own security solutions. The first objective must be to restrict and prevent unauthorized persons entering the property. Property being buildings and or the work place in question, like a container yard. Physical barriers such as a steel link fence will obviously assist in reducing the risk of intrusion by unwanted individuals. In high risk and high traffic areas, installation of an EDS (electronic detection system), provides a method to monitor activity at the perimeter of your site. If further security is required the installation of CCTV can also be a useful tool in prevention of unwanted intruders and capturing any situations on tape.

Door Entry

At times it is not cost effective to have a security guard standing by an entry point 24/7. Since the introduction of Audio and video monitoring systems, many locations can now be maintained from one location. With a card access control system, you setup your system to allow authorized persons through the restricted areas, and the times at which they are allowed. With the connection to a phone notification system, you can also be informed with up to the minute information about who is in or on the premises. Also, with the integration of CCTV, a visual ID can also be made of individuals. Upon request a representative will conduct a survey to identify the requirements of your situation and then design a unique system to fit your needs.

Gate Automation


Protect your shipping and receiving area with an Automated Gate, with card access. An automatic gate system can extend your first line of security for a single or multiple entry points to your facility. This system will act as a deterrent to potential intruders and also add privacy, convenience and restriction to those unauthorized people who park where they are not suppose to. Gates or entryways inside of a building can be secured in different manners. One way to secure an area is to add a card access panel, which operates a Magnetic lock on the door/gate.

Close Circuit Television


CCTV is now a permanent fixture in our lives. They are not only used in Malls anymore. They are showing up everywhere. CCTV plays a large part in crime prevention. Criminals think twice when they see CCTV due to the fact they know there will be a record of there actions, and you cannot escape the video camera. Many times this footage ends up on TV, from the news or programs like Real TV, or America Most Wanted. With exterior or internal monitoring, the CCTV system can be suited to many different environments. Monochrome (black and white) and color systems are available.


One item that is sometimes overlooked for security is lighting. While lighting maybe seen as a cost, it can be used to help illuminate an area of concern and also add safety to employees as they move to and from the workplace. With stand-alone units, to wall mounted systems, lighting can give you added security. There are systems that are available to home users for years, where a perimeter sensor will automatically turn on the lights when someone breaks the sensors beam. You can also have a control panel with multiple zones configured to your needs.



With our experience in the industry, we can supply and install virtually any kind of safe, safety box, or other locksmith hardware. We also service and monitor the products that we sell.

Key Cutting


Our Key Center is equiped to handle many keying styles. From keyed-alike padlocks for home security to fully intergrated coded keys for Master Lock Systems for larger commercial, manfacturing, industrial and instatutional locations.

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